Hi, I am José. My friends call me Urquidi (because of my "weird" Basque last name).

Content Creation / Distribution / Marketing / PR Strategy & tactics are my thing, but above all is being on Christ´s mission.

I am a financial lawyer turned brewer & restauranteur turned Catholic innovator

I have been having fun leaving behind my past life and trying to respond to Christ´s call to be a missionary online while I accompany others on a similar call. Quite a rollercoaster ride it has been. Not joking, my baggy eyes don´t come out of nowhere.

I founded and lead several initiatives to bring Christ´s love and mercy to the internet so people can be attracted by He who is the Way, the Truth. You can click on the logos below to check each venture out:


years married
to Cecy



Inés, Javier and Marcelo

Ideation, creation, distribution and promotion of +80 podcasts.

Diverse formats, segments, styles, durations and periodicities to connect with different Latino niches and attract them to Christ.

JD Comms provides intercultural communication and marketing for dioceses, non-profits, companies and schools.

JD Creative Studios does creation and production of videos, animations, podcasts and culturally adapted (not just translated) voice overs.

Virtual and hybrid summits with recognized Latino Catholics, interactive community building sessions, concerts, games and other attractive formats.

English and Spanish scripted and unscripted fiction and non-fiction podcasts targeting the Latino existencial peripheries.

Being appointed by the Holy Father as a voting delegate in the XVI General Ordinary Assembly of the Synod of Bishops has been a special, but weird confirmation of what God has been calling me to do.

The Mission in the Digital Environment

We have never been afraid as Catholics to go to cultures where Christ wasn´t known yet. It´s time to be where people spend most of their waking hours and show them God´s love so they are attracted to Sacramental life!

Let´s inculturate the Gospel in today´s mission frontier: the Internet!

Check out a short Vatican News clip where I spoke in front of the Pope and bishops from all over the world about the importance of being a missionary Church online.

Click on the logos below to read some articles around what I am doing to be on Christ´s mission on the internet.

America Magazine
OSV News
Detroit Catholic
National Catholic Reporter

We are called to be one!

Want to partner? Want to explore potential collaborations?

Let´s set up a Zoom call or grab a beer and/or a mezcal so we can see if we are a fit.

In English or Spanish, these are some of the things I love talking about:

  • The Mission in the Digital Environment
  • Innovation and failing as Catholics
  • Sinodality: My journey trying to understand why the Holy Father believes it´s important for the Church
  • Cultural literacy: Engaging US Latinos in the Church
  • Being and acting as ONE
  • Cultural literacy: Engaging US Latinos in the Church
  • Being a Juan Diego today (the lay on Christ´s mission)

I also speak at big international podcast secular events on Latinos and podcasting as well as regarding engaging with Catholics through new media and podcasts.

  • Pre-launch strategy of a new Latino focused project
  • Launch
  • Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Digital product development
  • Distribution
  • Promotion
  • Engagement Strategies

I can only work with a few clients and partners every year, I appreciate your understanding!

Some of the things I can create for and/or with you:

  • WhatsApp chatbots and newsletters
  • AI within WhatsApp
  • Content (audio, video or text)
  • Influencer marketing
  • Hispanic PR
  • Devotional content

Being a part of boards as well as executive and advisory comittees of organizations that have Christ at the center is a way I fulfill my mission.

upcoming Public events you can come to

My next "open" speaking gigs

Catholic Media Confence in Atlanta

June 20, 2024 | 2:15pm EST

Hechos 29 (Spanish-speaking Catholic Influencer Summit) in Bogotá, Colombia

July 9, 2024 | 10:00 AM

National Eucharistic Congress in Indianapolis

July 18, 2024 | 2:00 PM

Live podcast recording at the  Eucharistic Congress

July 19, 2024 | 3:00 PM

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Still here? I´m guessing you want to get to know me a bit more...

Proceed under your own risk 🤪

💡 This hands-on approach has enabled me to understand what resonates with different target audiences in terms of format, style, segments, and much more.
🙌  Now, I'm utilizing this knowledge to help organizations build deep connections online that have an impact in the in-person world.


On HIS mission

Warning: It´s messy, a bit like my daily conversion process


Encuentros Magazine cover

Desde la Fe



National Catholic Register





National Catholic Register

Catholic News Agency



Vida Nueva



Religión en Libertad

Vida Nueva

Conexión Migrante



Vatican News


 National Catholic Register

America Magazine



Desde la Fe

Desde la Fe


Vida Nueva

El Heraldo de México


A glimpse to the "old" Urquidi

San Diego Red

In TV Nuevo León with Luis Donaldo Colosio

Expansión Magazine



Aeroméxico´s magazine

Reporte Indigo

Players of Life


PRO Magazine


Players of Life


El Financiero

Look Magazine

Manufactura Magazine

Can´t buy it anymore, but it´s still in their website

Things I write and do here and there...

Let´s wrap it up with a reminder of what I am focused on and can help you with:

Christ´s mission in the internet

People, especially the young, are not going to Church. Where are they? Let´s be on mission to the internet so they are attracted to the Sacraments!

Latinos in the US

Almost 1/2 of Catholics in the US are Latinos. What are you doing to engage with them and letting them know it´s their Church as well?

Strategic Communication and Marketing Planning

Let´s first find out what we need to do, depending on your objectives and the desired target audience. Just then can we decide  the tactics and how to execute them.

Content creation and distribution

Millions of dollars where spent to build beautiful cathedrals that would evangelize and catechize people. What are we doing now to reach people?

I´d love to keep in touch!

We can have a coffee, a beer or a mezcal; or meet via Zoom.

I´ll be emailing you every once in a while (never more than twice a month) to share developments on the mission in the digital environment, US Latinos or around my journey trying to understand what the Synod is as I live it from the inside.

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